Going Green Belkin Kid

Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World (MSOSW)


MSOSW: Middle Schoolers out to Save the World, in this project, approximately 600 sixth graders from seven middle schools in Louisiana, Maine, Texas and Vermont monitored home energy used under supervision of their (14) teachers. The data was used to develop optimum scenarios for conserving energy and reducing production of greenhouses gases in local communities. Teachers received professional development to carry out the project. Students and teachers used online software tools to record and analyze their data and create projections of future energy use based on assumptions of policy changes. They communicated their results within the project via information communication technology. Research was conducted on the effects of the project on students' and teachers' changes of attitudes and interests in science, and in students' gains in science content knowledge through comparisons with matched, untreated schools. 

Project timeline: October 2008-September 2013. NSF # 0833706

Fostering Middle Schooler's Interest on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Through Problem-Based Learning.