simSchool Research

Collaborations have proceeded over the past 15 years on the development of new features and assessment of impact of simSchool, a dynamic, web-based "flight simulator" for teachers -- sometimes referred to as a virtual practicum. 

Key partners include:

Professor David Gibson [ Vita ]
Director of Learning Futures
UNESCO Chair of Data Science in Higher Education Learning & Teaching
Curtin University
Tel |+61 8 9266 1949
Fax |+61 8 9266 4166
E-mail |
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Dr. David Collum [ Vita ]
Assistant Professor of Education
Assessment and Accreditation Data Coordinator
Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Director of Assessment, Education Division
CAEP Site Visitor
One College Park Drive | Saint Louis, MO 63141 
Cell 314-201-5841 | Office 314-485-8446


Tim Dleicath [ Vita
Associate Professor of Educational Research
Director for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Phone: 314-485-8438


Stacy Kruse [ Vita ]
Director of Education and Serious Games and Creative Director
Pragmatic Solutions
Phone: 818-517-9489