International Activities

IITTL has a strong presence with researchers globally and presents topics that range from, but not limited to:  Digital Fabrication, Game Based-Learning, and Higher Education. Below are several projects and International Scholarly Exchange events that have shaped IITTL into strong research-based institution: 

IITTL's  first international project  was the "Longitudinal Assessment of New Information Technologies in Education (PLANIT)," led by Drs. Gerald Knezek and Rhonda Christensen beginning in 1995. Click here for more information about this project. 

One of IITTL's most recognized works is the International Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education (IHITE). The two main questions that guide this International Handbook are: 
What is the potential of IT to improve K-12 education? 
How can the implementation of IT in K-12 educational practice be supported? 
This International Handbook seeks to provide researchers, policy-makers and practitioners with an integrated overview of the field. The second edition is scheduled for release in 2018. For more details and download information, please click here