NSF/SETT: simSchool for Special Populations

This highly experienced team, led by a researcher with a special education background, benefited from collaborations with David Gibson, the developer of the simSchool system, as well as partnerships with teacher education faculty from the University of Maine-Farmington, the University of Nevada-Reno, Southeastern Louisiana University, and the University of Florida-Gainesville. Ten teachers, who are graduate students at the University of North Texas (UNT), participated in this project and the impact of their training was assessed on 80 K-12 students with disabilities and 420 students without disabilities. An additional 20 third and fourth grade students with disabilities and 30 third and fourth grade students without disabilities, from the Elm Fork Educational Program sponsored at the UNT, participated in the validity testing phase of this project.This project addressed the RDE-FRI track goal of investigating effective instructional methods and practices for people with disabilities in STEM by measuring the impact of teacher training on science education for third and fourth graders with disabilities.