Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Resources

Family-Friendly Guide: How to Safely Watch A Solar Eclipse with Kids

Eclipse Pinhole Projectors Activity

Solar Eclipse Across America

NOAA's Engaging Eclipse Events

7 U.S. Parks to See the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse - AFAR

Total Solar Eclipse Party Recipes
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         - 20 Truly Awesome Solar Eclipse Recipes 

Total Solar Eclipse Tips with Rice Astronomer Pat Reiff
A sit down with Dr. Gerald Knezek while he discusses the October, 14 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse and the April, 8 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.
2017 Eclipse recap with viewing observations form UNT Discovery Park, Lincoln City, OR, Frisco, TX, and Nashville, TN. 

How will the 2024 total solar eclipse differ from the 2017 total solar eclipse?

Explore some of the main differences between the two iconic solar eclipses.