Advisory Board

Annual in-person Advisory Board meeting in San Diego, CA. 
David Gibson Professor David Gibson Vita ]
Director of Learning Futures
UNESCO Chair of Data Science in Higher Education Learning & Teaching
Curtin University
David Collum Dr. David Collum Vita ]
Assistant Professor of Education
Assessment and Accreditation Data Coordinator
Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Director of Assessment, Education Division
CAEP Site Visitor
Ben Gonzalez Ben Gonzalez
Senior Director, Student & Family Support Aspire Public Schools
Tandra Tyler-Wood Tandra Tyler-Wood
Professor of Education
University of North Texas
Stacy Kruse  Stacy Kruse [ Vita ]
Director of Education and Serious Games and Creative Director
Pragmatic Solutions
Michele Darby Dr. Michele Darby 
President & CEO of Excellency Coaching & Consulting
Board of Directors for Girls Inc, Long Island