Concerns-based Adoption Model-Levels of Use (CBAM-LoU)

The Concerns-Based Adoption Model - Levels of Use (CBAM-LoU v1.1) instrument is a quick self-assessment measure. It is targeted toward describing behaviors of innovators as they progress through various levels of use - from non-use, to managing, and finally to integrating use of the technology. It does not focus on attitudinal, motivational, or other affective aspects of the user.

The instrument is based on the eight levels of use defined in the Levels of Use Chart (Loucks, Newlove, & Hall, 1975). The levels of use are: (0) Non-Use, (I) Orientation, (II) Preparation, (III) Mechanical Use, (IVA) Routine, (IVB) Refinement, (V) Integration, and (VI) Renewal. The concept of levels of use also applies to groups and entire institutions. The instrument is time efficient to use as an indicator of an educator's progress along a technology utilization continuum.


Because the Concerns-Based Adoption Model - Levels of Use is a single item survey, internal consistency reliability measures cannot be calculated for data gathered through it.

CBAM - Recommended Administration Procedures

This instrument is a quick self-report measure for use in assessing the level of technology utilization. This instrument describes the various behaviors of the innovation user through eight levels. The user selects a single level that best describes his/her level of technology use. Normal completion time is less than 5 minutes.

Concerns-based Adoption Model-Levels of Use (CBAM-LoU)