The goals for Scaling up MSOSW are:

Goal 1. To create interest in and to prepare middle school students to participate in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce of the future. Purpose: To maintain a strong STEM workforce in the future, to support national security and economic prosperity.

Goal 2. To foster positive knowledge, skills, and dispositions in middle school students, their families, and their teachers that enable both awareness and on-going monitoring of home and community energy consumption. Purpose: To produce data-driven decision-making support regarding home and community energy expenses and their environmental impact, through model-based projections.

Goal 3. To produce model scenarios and activities that can be disseminated to educators nationwide, enabling classrooms beyond the immediate MSOSW project to prepare STEM workforce participants for the future. Purpose: To disseminate best practices on a fast track to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions on a national and international scale.