NASA Goals

NASA Goals

The purpose of the overall project is to enable and advance STEM education through informal education in K-12 and college environments by combining the best pedagogy with NASA unique content.

1) To what extent can technology-enhanced, hands-on access to space science content increase interest in science in middle-school aged children?

2) To what extent can technology-infused, informal science learning opportunities promote middle-school aged children's interests in STEM careers?

3) To what extent are technology-enhanced, hands-on space science activities for promoting interest in science and STEM careers for selected sub-populations of young citizens, such as indigenous peoples and females, at the middle-school aged level?

IITTL’s primary role is to conduct design-based formative research and selected empirical research studies, on the impact on STEM interest and learning, of the products/programs spawned through the STEM Innovation Lab at Goddard. These products/programs will be refined in UNT’s Design Research Lab environment, and pilot-tested in informal learning environments to produce a sound and timely research base of demonstrated effects on knowledge of and interest in technology-infused activities related to space science. Publications demonstrating measurable effects will be produced.