Date  Support Materials and Content 
08/01/2022 Eclipse Soundscapes Presents on the University of North Texas Discovery Series
11-11-2020 Astronomy Picture of the Day
11-11-2020 Sounds of the Solar Wind from the Parker Solar Probe: video 1 video 2
9-30-2020 The sun is a window into our universe!
5-28-2020 MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network

Cutting Edge publications from NASA Goddard on the center's technological happenings. 

Spring 2020 Issue 

Winter 2020 Issue

4-21-2020 NASA STEAM Innovation Lab 
4-14-2020 NASA Space STEM

Map of the 2017 and 2024 Eclipse Paths


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6-6-2019 NSSEC Brochure, June 2019
6-6-2019 NSSEC Space Related Books, June 2019

SciAct CAN Awardee, Sharon Bowers, shares several new NASA eClips videos about the Moon and Asteroids have just been approved and are now posted to the eClips website.  These new videos and other Apollo 50th resources are organized within this new NASA eClips newsletter: 

This newsletter also helps teachers find Apollo 50th resources provided by:

  • Moon Trek
  • Eyes on the Solar System
  • NASA Space Place
  • The NISE Network
5-1-18 Resources for Spacecraft 3D
5-1-18 Group Activity for Spacecraft 3D
5-1-18 NASA Spacecraft 3D AR Target 
5-1-18 What is VR?
5-1-18 Robotics 101 for mBot
3-3-18 Resources for Touch the Sun and Earthrise 
3-3-18 Technology Tools to support Touch the Sun and Earthrise 
8-10-17 Overview Map of IITTL Supported Observations of the 2017 Solar Eclipse
2-11-17 NASA's Eyes - Eyes Eclipse 2017
Suggested Additional Related Materials
6-17-17 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Mission to Touch the Sun Explained (Infographic)
6-7-17 Exploratorium Total Solar Eclipse
6-7-17 Great American Eclipse
6-7-17 NASA Virtual Reality for Informal Education
6-7-17 NASA 3D Models


Date NASA Media and Events 
11-6-17 NASA's Probe that will "Touch the Sun" to Launch Next Year
5-26-17 NASA Plans First Mission to Touch Sun
12-13-16 NASA Heliophysics HICE Poster
11-21-16 Night Sky Network- Outreach Resources 
11-10-16 NASA HEC Open House Poster 
10-8-16  International Observe the Moon Night! 
9-12-16 Space Math 
9-12-16 Aurorasaurus
9-12-16 International Observe the Moon Facebook Page 
9-12-16 Science Friday Gala Celebration 
9-12-16 NASA Museum Alliance 
9-12-16 GLOBE 
9-12-16 Th Making & Science Initiative 
9-12-16 Earth to Sky Partnership 
9-12-16 Helio Viewer 
9-12-16 Eclipse 
9-12-16 Space Weather and Action 
9-12-16 Great American Eclipse 

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