simEquity Activities

NSF simEquity Overview 

EdMedia Conference New York, New York June 20-23

Poster Presentation at the EdMedia Conference: 
Using Reflection and Feedback in a Simulated Teaching Environment to
Improve Instruction for Differentiated Learners

Presented by:
Lead PI Rhonda Christensen
Co-PI Gerald Knezek 

STEM For All Video Showcase May 10-17

IITTL submitted the video Improving Teaching Practices by Reducing Bias to the 2022 STEM For All Video Show case. The video covers IITTL's work  with the SimEquity project and aims to contribute to a more just and equitable society in the future by encouraging teachers to identify, reflect on, and correct revealed biases.
 View IITTL's Video on the STEM For All Website.


SITE Conference San Diego, California April 10-15, 2022

Presentation to the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE) 2022, San Diego California
Paper presentation: Using Digital Simulation to Address Implicit Bias in Teaching (Rhonda Christensen & Gerald Knezek, UNT)


Panel: Virtual simulations in Teacher Education to develop equitable teaching strategies (Rhonda Christensen (UNT), Garron Hillaire and G.R. Marvez (MIT), M. Elizabeth Azukas and Diane Holben (East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania), Sue Gregory (New England University, Australia) and Susan Ledger (University of Newcastle, Australia)


Advisory Board Meeting San Diego, California April 10,2022 

simEquity Advisory Board Members: Rhonda Christensen, David Collum, David Gibson, Ben Gonzalez, Gerald Knezek, Stacy Kruse, and Tandra Tyler-Wood



North Texan publication April 8,2022

Dr. Rhonda Christensen and Dr. Gerald Knezek were featured in the North Texan to discuss the work they are doing with the simEquity project.
View the full article: Simulated Classroom, Real Learning 


UNT Research Magazine publication March 22,2022

AI Learning Technology 
UNT Research Magazine spotlight featuring Dr. Rhonda Christensen and Gerald Knezek's work with the simEquity project. Full article can be found on page 7


Presentation at the SITE Interactive Online Conference September 26-28, 2021

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